Citizen’s annual Top of the Pops list

As a well known and affordable watch brand, Citizen has a wide range of models for men, women, optical and mechanical watches …… Which of these many Citizen watches are the most popular? Which are the best sellers? Although we can’t get complete figures, we can get a glimpse of them just from the platform of the official Citizen store. Today we present you with a few of the TOP selling Citizen watches, as well as some other Citizen watches that are worth a look. There’s something for every price point. It’s the end of the year and it’s time to buy a watch again, so we hope these recommendations will be of help.

Citizen JY8078-01L Kinetic Blue Angel II Multi-Bureaux Radioactive Men’s Belt Watch
When it comes to Citizen’s most popular watches, it’s definitely the Blue Angel. This Citizen JY8078-01L Kinetic Blue Angel II Multi-Bureau Radio Wave Men’s Belt Watch is also one of the better sellers. The watch has a stainless steel to dark blue case with a diameter of 46mm and is equipped with the Citizen U680 light-activated movement, which automatically calibrates the time by receiving radio signals from multiple stations. Equipped with both a perpetual calendar, 43 world city time displays, 24-hour indication, alarm, chronograph and timer, the watch’s wealth of functions gives it a more complex appearance, but is cluttered and easy to read. The watch is youthful and stylish in the iconic Blue Angel yellow and blue colour scheme, and the digital display gives the watch a very technological look, making it a very pleasing watch for young people. It comes on a blue calfskin strap with yellow stitching and is also available in a steel strap version.

Citizen CB5848-57L Blue Angel III Men’s Multi-Bureau Radio Watch
Although not as high a seller as the first and second generation Blue Angels, the Citizen CB5848-57L Blue Angel III Multi Bureau Radio is a real eye-catcher! As always, the Blue Angel comes in a yellow and blue colour scheme, the difference being that the dial is more refined with the addition of a personalised pattern decoration. The use of black subdials adds to the richness of the dial layers of the Blue Angel III. The watch is housed in a stainless steel inter-blue case with a diameter of 45 mm and is water resistant to 200 metres, as were the two previous generations of Blue Angels. The watch is equipped with the Citizen E660 light-activated movement, which automatically calibrates the time by receiving radio signals from multiple bureaus. It has a little less functionality than the second-generation Blue Angel, but also features a perpetual calendar, 24 world city (or time zone) displays and a 24-hour indicator. Another highlight of the third generation Blue Angel is that it features a steel Milanese woven strap. The delicate Milanese band gives the watch a more elegant look and brings a freshness that is different from the previous Blue Angels.

Citizen EO1195-51A Photoelectric Stainless Steel and Pink Gold Water Resistant Elegant Lady’s Watch
The xC collection has always been one of Citizen’s hottest women’s watch collections, and this Citizen EO1195-51A Luminous Stainless Steel Inter Pink Gold Water Resistant Elegant Ladies’ Watch is part of Citizen’s xC collection, one of Citizen’s best selling women’s watches. The watch features a stainless steel and pink-gold case with a stainless steel bracelet, a diameter of 33 mm, a spherical sapphire glass,Perfect Fake Watches UK a Citizen Kinetic movement and water resistance to 50 metres. The rounded case with its silvered dial and subtle Arabic numerals give the watch an elegant yet feminine touch.

Citizen EC1170-85D Lady’s Lightning Movement Multi-Bureau Electric Wave Fashion Watch
The Citizen EC1170-85D is also one of the better selling watches in the XC collection. The watch has a cool tone, a 30mm stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet and a white mother-of-pearl dial that blends in with the case, accented only by the graceful blue hands, while the large Roman hour markers at 12 o’clock give the watch a unique appeal and the spherical sapphire glass protects the dial perfectly. On the outer ring of the dial is a display of the time in 24 world cities. The watch is equipped with the calibre H246 Lightning movement, which automatically calibrates the time and displays the date, among other things, by receiving radio signals from multiple bureaus.

Citizen CC9015-54E Lightning Energy Satellite Timekeeping Fashion Men’s Watch
This men’s CC9015-54E Lightning Satellite Chronograph is one of the better selling high-end Citizen watches. The watch features a Schubert Titanium™ inter DLC resistant carbon film case with a Schubert Titanium™ strap, a 44.5 mm diameter, a sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides and water resistance to 100 metres. The watch is equipped with the F900 calibre, which receives GPS satellite signals to calibrate the time and features 40 time zones (27 city names), a perpetual calendar, indication of luminosity levels, off-site time, alarm, daylight saving time display, protection against overcharging, Perfex performance and more. Sober and understated, elegant and dominant, the watch can be used for business or leisure

Citizen CC3067-11L Men’s Satellite Chronograph Calfskin Strap Fashion Casual Luminous Movement Watch
This men’s CC3067-11L Satellite Chronograph Calfskin Strap is also a well sold, high priced Citizen watch with a good reputation, especially for its super fast satellite timing. The watch has a very typical pilot’s watch design, with a large crown, large Arabic numerals and a large triangle at 12 o’clock, so the watch is also attractive in appearance. The dark blue matte dial with the black glossy calfskin strap is even more stylish. The watch is housed in a stainless steel over DLC case with a diameter of 44.2 mm, fitted with anti-reflective coated sapphire glass and water resistant to 200 metres. The watch can receive GPS satellite signals to calibrate the time, has 40 time zones (27 city names), a perpetual calendar and other functions.

Citizen CC5001-00W Satellite Time Star Submariner
The Citizen CC5001-00W may not be as popular as the above two models, but it is definitely one of the most important new models from Citizen this year. Nicknamed the “Green Poseidon”, it has a diameter of 47mm but weighs just 101 grams thanks to the brand’s patented Schubert Titanium™ covered DLC case. The watch is fitted with a sapphire glass and is water-resistant to 200 metres. It is equipped with the F158 calibre, which receives GPS satellite signals to calibrate the time, a perpetual calendar, Perfex performance, 38 time zones (27 city names) and a wealth of other functions. The watch is also a professional diving watch with a “dive mode”. It is also worth mentioning that the watch has been specially selected in collaboration with TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel platform, to replace the major cities of the original time zone on the outer ring of the dial with the eight most famous diving destinations in the world, which are the most representative of that time zone. Quite a collection for dive watch fans!
Citizen ES9444-50B Hebe’s Kinetic Cherry Blossom Pink Multi-Bureau Radio Fashion Lady’s Watch
This ES9444-50B Hebe Endorsed Kinetic Cherry Blossom Pink Multi-Group Radio Fashion Lady’s Watch is part of the high-end Citizen xC collection. The watch features a Schubertitanium™ cherry pink plated case with a Schubertitanium™ cherry pink plated strap and an extremely refined 27mm diameter. Thanks to the patented material, the watch weighs a mere 34 grams and is as light as a feather. The anti-reflective coated sapphire glass ensures that the time can be read clearly at all times. The hour-markers have a very special, rigid and flexible design. The watch is equipped with the H060 light-activated movement, which can automatically calibrate the time by receiving signals from multiple radio waves and has a perpetual calendar and 24 world city (or time zone) displays.

Citizen EM0556-87D Lady’s Lightning Movement with mother-of-pearl dial
Apart from the xC collection, Citizen’s most popular collection is the CITIZEN L. This Citizen EM0556-87D Lady’s watch with a mother-of-pearl dial is one of Citizen’s best-selling watches in the Citroën Flora and Fauna collection. The stainless steel-to-pink-gold case with stainless steel-to-pink-gold strap is 32.5 mm in diameter, with a spherical sapphire glass and is water resistant to 50 metres. The dial design is simple yet stylish and the use of a natural mother-of-pearl dial adds a touch of gentleness. The watch is equipped with the E031 light-activated movement, which is convenient and environmentally friendly. EM0556-87D is on the market for RMB 2,980.

Citizen PC1008-11Y Lady’s Peony Mechanical Calfskin Watch
“As a Japanese watch brand, we can often see cherry blossoms in Citizen’s watches, but rarely peonies. This year, Citizen has launched three mechanical watches with a peony flower theme design, and the PC1008-11Y is one of them, with a red calfskin strap that is as flamboyant as it gets. I’ve always felt that women should own at least one watch with a red strap, as red is particularly easy to accessorise. This peony mechanical watch is even more luxurious, just like a woman on earth. It features a stainless steel and pink-gold case, a 34mm diameter, a sapphire glass and a mechanical movement, the Citizen 8229, water-resistant to 100 metres. The lower part of the dial is skeletonised and decorated with a peony pattern and set with four Swarovski® crystals.

Citizen EM0813-86Y Lady’s Lightning Fashion Watch
The “little gold watch” has become very popular over the past two years, as it looks good with everything. This Citizen EM0813-86Y Lady’s watch is also considered a “little gold watch”, featuring a rose gold plated stainless steel case with a rose gold plated stainless steel Milanese braided strap for a luxurious and sophisticated look. 33mm in diameter, this watch is both sweet and salty, with a natural mother-of-pearl dial for a gentle touch. Equipped with a sapphire glass, the watch is equipped with a light-activated movement and is water resistant to 50 m. The EM0813-86Y is on the market for RMB 2,580. Estimated arrival price for the 22nd edition: RMB 2092

Citizen EG7072-19X Lady’s Lightning Shoebox Titanium Love Watch
Inspired by the earth, this unique design of the Citizen EG7072-19X Lady’s Lightning Up Titanium Schubert Love depicts the resilient character of Mother Earth, who embraces and accepts everything. 31 mm Schubert Titanium™ case in cherry pink with a dial in a delicate gradation of sun-drenched minerals is bold yet subtle. The clean yet rounded lines of the case give a sense of gentle feminine strength. Equipped with a spherical sapphire glass, the watch is paired with a wild Pinatex leather strap made from pineapple leaves.

Citizen CB0150-89A Men’s Men’s Business Elite Lightning Diversified Watch
The above Citizen CB0152-16A Men’s Business Chic Lightwave with Yuzuru Hanyu and the Citizen CB0150-89A Men’s Business Elite Lightwave are also among Citizen’s best-selling models, with the endorsement of Yuzuru Hanyu, the “nobleman on ice”, adding to the charm of this classic white dial and blue hands design. The CB0152-16A has a pink-gold plated stainless steel case with a brown leather strap, while the CB0150-89A has a stainless steel case with a stainless steel strap, making it an elegant watch. The two models have the same configuration except for the difference in materials and straps: 43 mm in diameter, sapphire glass, water resistant to 100 metres, equipped with the H145 light-activated movement, which receives radio signals from multiple bureaus, automatically calibrates the time, has a perpetual calendar, 26 world city time displays and other functions.

Citizen EM0648-81N Limited Edition Lightning Fashion Ladies’ Watch
The Citizen EM0648-81N Limited Edition Lady’s Watch is a stunning piece of jewellery that no woman can fail to appreciate. A deep and evocative universe, the watch is a mysterious interpretation of feminine beauty. The watch is housed in a 32 mm stainless steel and rose gold case with a first attempt at a deep blue aquamarine sapphire crystal. A diamond on the outer bezel of the case is echoed by 2 diamonds on the dark blue mother-of-pearl dial. The Citizen’s original quicksand mesh strap gives the watch a jewelled version of sophistication. The watch also comes with an additional CHAN LUU accessory.

Citizen EM0583-84A Hebe’s diamond-set stainless steel and cherry-pink classic light-activated lady’s watch
This Citizen EM0583-84A Hebe Endorsed Diamond-Set Stainless Steel Sakura Pink Classic Lightning Lady’s Watch is the brand’s introductory model, part of the popular Flora and Fauna collection. The entire watch has a seemingly minimalist design, but the dial, hour markers and hands are all delicately designed with floral elements. The watch features a stainless steel cherry pink plated case and strap, a 30mm diameter, a spherical sapphire glass, water resistance to 50m and an eco-friendly light-activated movement. 1 diamond set at 12 o’clock.

How to wear something that looks expensive on the cheapest budget?

Vanity is the original sin of mechanical watches, which have been more than just a practical tool since their inception. What better way to satisfy vanity than to pull a pocket watch out of your pocket while others are watching the sun?

As timekeeping tools gradually became more commonplace, the competition between those who had nothing and those who had everything became more intense. The more extra functions you can add to your watch, the more advanced it becomes and, naturally, the more expensive it becomes. Take, for example, the chronograph function. The terminology associated with exotic products is often troublesome and confusing. A watch is a timekeeper, what kind of extra function is that? In fact, it’s more accurate to say that it’s a chronograph, the kind often held by gym teachers. The function is to record how much time has passed since a certain moment, perhaps more accurately called “chronograph”, or at least in English.

Whether justified or not, the price system of mechanical watches is still strong enough today to support functions other than telling the time. Take a brand, for example, multiple not very reliable calendar, no 31 months to be manually adjusted, the calendar jumping time is still not allowed, the price to be higher than the big thousands of dollars, multiple functions outer ring, another big thousands …… Once you add the chronograph function, it’s not even a matter of price tag, but simply can not buy, unless you are willing to accept increasingly outrageous secondary market markups. And this watch, as we all know, doesn’t even have a more practical calendar.

Visually speaking, the chronograph function is probably the most conspicuous feature apart from the pointer perpetual calendar. The dial has two or three more small circles than a normal three-handed watch as well as small hands, most models have an extra push button above and below the crown, and some have a large dial bezel to match functions such as tachymetry and pulse-taking. The large seconds hand on a normal chronograph is normally stationary and only starts to move to count the seconds when the chronograph function is activated, while the sub-dials on the dial are a display of the count in larger units of time, minutes and hours. If the chronograph is not a single button, the pushers above and below the crown are the large seconds start and stop buttons and the reset to zero button respectively.

The functions are simple to say the least, but best replica watches uk are sure to be ignored. There’s a funny story about seeing someone wearing a chronograph on a daily basis, not operating anything that requires timekeeping, but the big second hand is going. I couldn’t help but ask, “Do you usually let the chronograph hand go like that all the time?” The other person asked in return, “What is a chronograph hand?” It is quite common for the chronograph hand to be used as a normal second hand.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to use it or if you can’t use it, it’s the most recognisable complication, and the chronograph’s identity is confirmed even before you recognise the brand.

Contemporary mechanical watches are more of a wrist accessory, and if face is justice, then complexity can be said to be face. Some people may be dismissive of the ‘face’ of a watch, but the point of playing with a watch is to appreciate the craftsmanship of the movement, which is the forte of a chronograph.

Many of my predecessors recommend that chronographs should be expensive and manual, and I’m convinced. The chronograph function is achieved mechanically, and the movement takes on an extremely complex, labyrinthine appearance that looks far more dazzling and ornate than a regular movement. High-priced watches usually don’t skimp on polished details, and manual watches have no oscillating weight to obscure them, so the ultimate mechanical beauty is visible and pleasing to the eye.

There are only two kinds of people who can remain unmoved by a chronograph movement: women, and people like me – poor people.

In addition to being expensive to sell, they are also expensive to use. A watch with a chronograph function is, of course, more expensive to maintain and, moreover, prone to breakage, especially if the chronograph hand is used as a second hand for a long time and goes on and on all day. One famous universal chronograph movement was so strong that the shaft holes had to be glued when the hands were fitted. Even so, it is not uncommon for the chronograph seconds hand to be reset incorrectly after use.

At this point, it is time to look at the specific model. Since the first chronograph was released in 1915, there has been a huge variety of models, so instead of going back in time, this article will just look at some of the more impressive contemporary models.

Even if the current positioning is awkward and the price is not high, the historical glow cannot be suppressed and the replica models are enough to attract collector-level consumers to covet them. The crooked handle shape and the almost obsolete single button operation are unusual at first glance. The single button operated chronograph function is too easy to break, so perhaps this is the place a chronograph should have, with styling, more remembrance and less use.

The image of Breitling has always been that of an immensely complex circular measuring instrument. Not surprisingly, the first chronograph was released by Breitling, and when you want to get your hands on a chronograph function watch, you have to do the pioneer some favours. This limited edition is a tribute to a chronograph model developed for the Italian Air Force squadron in 1983, in a total of 250 pieces.

The classic mahjong “two-cake” shape is finally available with an in-house movement, instead of the 7750, with bidirectional winding and a simplified version of the Woodpecker system. To put it mildly, who would notice that you’re wearing a new model without wearing a conspicuous colour?

Omega should be most hated by the moon landing counterfeit conspiracy theorists who are trashing the Speedmaster collection. Although the Speedmaster is actually a racing watch with a chronograph function for speed measurement, and although many astronauts are very disrespectful when they land and meet journalists in favour of wearing their GMT, which is really only a pilot’s watch, there is ultimately no substitute for the Speedmaster as the official announcement of the official moon landing watch.

The reason why it is tough to choose a Speedmaster is because Omega is so overdrawn with the name of the moon landing, with so many models that a book could be dedicated to it. It’s a good thing that OMEGA is relaunching the 321 movement, which has been out of mass production for half a century. Without talking about price, a moon watch with a 321 movement is a sincere effort.

The most recent offer I saw for the Daytona in my circle of friends was $170,000 (there should be an expression of horror or skittishness here). The excess over the official price is not just money, but also looks like a fool’s index, so you can imagine how hard it is to mentally get past the price increase. From the day I learned of the Rolex Daytona, I have never had the pleasure of seeing it in person at any of the counters.

The watch itself needs no introduction, nothing has changed since it started using its own movement, the 4130, except for the material of the case, the strap, the indexes and the bezel. 4130 is probably the most beautiful movement at Rolex, even though it is invisible.

The green colour is again popular, as is the old manual single-button chronograph. It is called the “devil” for two reasons. Firstly, it is well known that the most famous and fascinating symbol of the Minerva chronograph movement is the devil’s tail. The other reason is that if you told someone that you had bought a Montblanc watch for 200,000, they would look like they had seen a ghost.

Forget the price, the watch itself, and especially the movement, can be magic. A small workshop that was modernised very late, it is acknowledged that the mass-produced movements have the largest hand-made component. The polishing cannot be said to be perfect, but that is inevitable in an artisanal workshop, where even the flaws are style.

When talking about value for money, you have to look at the price first. You read that right: value for money and low absolute value are two different things. This is the conclusion of a side-by-side comparison with a host of chronographs in precious metals representing the ultimate in mechanical watchmaking (Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, etc.).

This is probably the cleanest and most beautiful of the formal chronographs, easy to read. On the back is the stunningly beautiful manual movement, with eight full guide pillars symbolising the fine movement. Double-sided perfection to a fault.

In the context of this article, this ultimate choice seems to exist to confirm the above choice of value for money. The seemingly similar layout of the dials, in the same precious metal, the movements both hand-rolled in house, the polishing styles different but of equal standard, are all examples of top quality watches.

If there is a difference between the superior and inferior, it may only be a subtle difference in the aesthetics of the movement layout or something like that, or even just a personal preference. It’s like a tea or a wine that has reached a certain level of sophistication, and then elevated to a level of taste that the average person might not be able to distinguish, which is reflected in the price, which is astronomical. Of course market acceptance and scarcity also influence the price, or, perhaps, just because it is a Patek Philippe – the king of watches.

The chronograph models can stop at around the million-dollar price point, provided that the single chronograph function is in the brand’s basic model, steel or gold. Further up the scale is the more expensive platinum with diamond indexes plus a more complex collection of functions such as perpetual calendars, moving displays and so on, which are beyond the scope of this article.

Finally, a recommendation for the female consumer group that I offended earlier, although I still firmly believe that complicated machinery is not women-friendly. This is a time for violent aesthetics. Two chronographs that play with coloured diamonds to the hilt, officially priced as pointlessly as the cheapest of all the Ditonnas, and equally missing from the counters.

These two watches should be considered as a reward for high class VIPs who buy them back for their collections, and most of what they see on the street are rear diamonds. It is inevitable that women will be tempted by such an eye-catching watch, but those who are brave enough to wear it out on the street are not likely to be the average person. The only time I’ve seen a leopard print watch on the news was when it was worn by the lover of a Taiwanese gangster.